A Free Sample from the Divine Fornication Series

An excerpt:

Deep into the forest, the wolves swarmed in large numbers, their passage eerie in its silence. They moved swiftly through the underbrush, past the trees towering overhead until, finally, they came to a large clearing that made an almost perfect open circle in the otherwise dense forest.

Clash had decided it was the best place to accommodate their temporarily swollen ranks. Temporary was certain because it would not be long before the wolves’ own nature would lead them to strife among their leaders.

Here, no trees grew in the circle, nor did the low growing laurel that made the forest nearly impenetrable for those on two legs. Their legends held that it was the Ophanim’s circle. When Galgallin had descended to earth, leaving his kind behind, he had come here, his great wheels turning and sanctifying the ground such that no tree dared diminish the place where he had alighted upon earth.

Clash knew doubt when he thought of the legend. He had known doubt for a very long time for each story of Galgallin, the lost lord of them all. But what he did not doubt was that there was nowhere else suitable to contain all the wolves while they came to their next decision. And, that was a question of what to do with the human strewn across his shoulders.

He lowered her to the ground, and none too gently, thinking to wake her.

They had run for hours and now the first glow of the sun had begun to filter through the clouds of the night sky.

Despite his misgivings, he studied the woman at his feet. She had only struggled for a short time while he had carried her before falling quiet. Clash supposed it was due to simple exhaustion, rather than being freed from certain doom at the hands of the vampires.

She was not tall, but of a slight build. His wolfish eyes followed the curving lines of her flesh, one that began at the nape of her neck, then descended in a long, gentle slope down her back before flaring out to well formed hips. He was struck by the sight of her, the curves of her body that only asked to be held in a male’s hands as he slipped inside her, his cock warmly encased within her while she would move with him, the two of them panting in ecstasy.

His member began to thicken and grow heavy as he took in her nude form. Clash struggled to tear his eyes away, when from just behind him he heard a faint sound.

He whirled, his claws held wide and lips drawn back over bared fangs. The intruder was covered in dark stripes and swirls, a hulking, barbaric figure named Braze and while Clash read no overt threat in his approach, he felt sure that there was one. City wolves…they were not like the children of the forest. They walked among men, pretending to be men.

Clash could not believe that they remained true to themselves, or that they had not forgotten the wolf’s heart beating within their chests.

In truth, he considered them more coyote than wolf. As far as his distrust, it was simply a matter of instinct.

“Pretty girl, isn’t she?” Braze said as he strode forward, fearless.

Clash only nodded while he tried to calm the ruff of hair running down his spine that had bristled with the city wolf’s approach.

“The big question, now, though is what shall we do with her,” Braze continued, pretending not to notice Clash’s resolute silence.

We?” said Clash, at last, “The wolves of the forest will decide for themselves, Braze. We are not accustomed to this sharing of opinions and looking to the majority for what is right.”

Braze chuckled, never taking his eyes off the woman lying at their feet.

“It’s called democracy. A fair way of figuring out how to handle things in a group of individuals.”

“Ah, I see,” replied Clash, “An idea that stinks of men, to be sure.”

Braze shook his head and said, “Not all men are worth your condescension. Some of their ideas have merit, for that matter. But, more importantly, in today’s world, we must know and understand men and their ways. It is the only way that we will secure a future for wolvenkind.”

Clash bared his fangs at Braze, the words coming from the slinking coyote disgusting him more than men themselves.

“Is this why you choose to walk as a man, even among us?” Clash asked, his voice thick, near to a growl.

Braze replied, “It is not meant as disrespect. My thought is that as a human, I will frighten the woman less…which is why I am here. I would like to propose that I take her with me to the city, to keep her safely hidden from the vampires there where they will have the most difficulty at moving to reclaim her.”

Clash felt a pang in his guts as he registered Braze’s words. It was foolish, he knew. But the thought of the soft skinned human disappearing into the concrete forest of Braze’s domain stung him more than he wanted to admit.

“Nothing could be less sure,” he replied, the growl more evident in his voice.

Braze’s own lips curled back from his teeth. As a human, it was a terrible grimace that would have been far more at home on a long muzzled, fanged visage.

“You are well named, aren’t you?” Braze said, “Without fail, your first reaction to everything is to take an opposing stance, even when that means you will probably lose what you worked so hard to get.

“If the girl stays here, in the forest, the vampires will have only daylight standing between them and you. When the sun sets and they have had time to gather their numbers, they will come and take her, you stubborn oaf.”

The two had begun to pace in a circle, facing one another. The hub upon which they turned remained quiet, apparently unconscious, while the wolves that had been spread out in the grassy clearing pricked up their ears, noses in the air.

“The woman stays here, Braze. There is no need to hide in that city of yours. We, the wolves of the forest, shall suffice.”

Braze snarled as he said, “You know, I don’t think I like the tone of your voice. In fact, I don’t like it all and I shouldn’t have to remind you that we city wolves were the ones who alerted you to the presence of the woman and the interest she represents for the blood drinkers.

“Without us, you’d all still be running in circles under the trees, without a clue.”

With no warning, Clash flew at the tattooed man, striking him full in the chest. There was a heavy thud at the impact, but without missing a single step, Braze wrapped his thick arms around Clash’s torso and clasped his hands together behind the shifter’s back.
Huge shoulders rippled into stripes of muscle as he held Clash and then began to squeeze. For just a brief moment, one might have believed them the best of friends, one holding the other in a bear hug that lifted him off the ground.

But, in the next instant, Clash bared his fangs and with jaws snapping, lunged at Braze’s neck. A sudden feint by his adversary was all that saved him from having his jugular torn wide.

Braze continued to jerk his head left and right as Clash struggled in his grip. His half wolfish arms were pinned at his sides and he had no means of freeing them. Rather, he continued to snap and bite at Braze as the terrible bear hug began to take its toll.
Veins stood out on the foreheads of both beasts and their brethren closed in on all sides. It was the way of the pack, no challenge went unanswered. Except that there was far more at stake than who would choose the fate of the human for whom they had risked so much.

Savage life, freedom within the forest, or what was deemed more civilized, the domesticated existence of urban wolves.
For whatever the outcome, Claire did not care in the least. She had been playing possum while the two brutes had bandied their words about, posturing like males through time immemorial.

She had listened, taking in their words, thinking that she might reason with them. Or, at worst, bargain her way to freedom even if that meant offering her body up to one or the other…perhaps both, if they so desired.

For the vampire’s fever lay quiescent at the moment, but she could feel it seething just beneath the surface, only waiting for the right moment to come roaring back and turn her into a mindless bitch in heat.

The tattooed man was absolutely enormous. Not in the way of Daniel earlier, who had been a veritable colossus. But rather, true to a man with smooth skin emblazoned in dark markings, shining with muscles that corded as he moved. Not an actual giant, but massive and hard as stone.

The other, semi-wolf man, stood taller still, but was sleeker. More of a stealthy hunter than an overpowering beast that depended upon its strength alone. His red tinged fur shined in the burgeoning daylight while he struggled in the other’s grip.

Claire remembered Daniel’s words as the werewolves carried her away from him and the other vampires…she must fight if she hoped to survive. However, while the two battled and drew attention away from her, Claire seized the opportunity and slowly crawled away. If she could manage to put some distance between her and the fighting wolves, she might stand a chance.

As she eased her way forward, practically crawling upon her belly through the high grasses, Claire saw the edge of the clearing not far away. She gathered her legs under her, readying herself to jump up and run for the cover of the trees when someone stepped directly into her path.

“Going somewhere, are we?” said a young man’s voice and Claire looked up to see him grinning down at her.

He was a wolf, but younger than Clash and Braze, she surmised. He had not yet filled out his frame, appearing gangly and awkward due to his height and long muscles that had not yet taken on the heavy mass of the adult wolf shifters.

Claire froze, not daring to move a muscle. The young wolf was in near full human form as he lifted two fingers to his mouth. A shrill whistle sounded, to be quickly followed by two wolves loping to his sides.

They lifted up, their limbs stretching and smoothing into human form. One was dark skinned and scowling, the other blond and fair with a smile that stemmed from true humor and not the irony of the situation before them.

The darker of the two newcomers spoke first, and said, “Rend, you have to take her back. When the leaders finish…and you know they will soon…they’ll come looking for her.”

The other, the one for whom it seemed all a joke, chuckled and said, “Shard’s right. Besides, she’s not that special. In the city, we can get all kinds of human chicks. It’s really no big deal.”

The first wolf, the one the other two had named Rend, replied, “Yeah, but out here in the wild, human bitches don’t happen every day. I might never get another chance.”

Claire could feel her blood boiling as the young wolves spoke. She did not want to be simply an object to their adolescent desires, but she could not deny that the three young men standing above her were making her thighs part of their own volition.
“Now wait,” she said, “You…you’re from the city?”

The comic blond wolf nodded and said, “Yeah. My name’s Flair. I came with Braze and the rest of our pack to help get you from the vampires.”

“Ok,” she said, “Just give me a second to think.”

Claire desperately searched for a means of bargaining her way back to the city with the help of the young, blond wolf. Afterward, she was sure it would be far easier to escape from him than from the huge man called Braze.

“No,” said Rend, “I’ve heard about you humans and how much you love to talk. I’m not interested.

“Shard, grab her arms.”

The dark wolf never stopped scowling but he trapped Claire’s wrists in his hands. He might not have been a fully grown wolf, but his strength was far greater than her own. She pulled desperately away from him, but his hold upon her did not ease.

“Flair, take a leg, already.”

The blond simply shrugged as he latched on to one of Claire’s ankles.

Rend eased himself then between Claire’s thighs and she could feel him trembling as he knelt down to the ground, his own legs brushing against her.

Claire said, “You’ve never done this.”

The wolf did not reply. She watched as his apparent self control appeared to waiver and his human form took on a much more bestial appearance.

“Ho, ho…Rend’s gonna get lucky,” Flair said, “Just hope he doesn’t totally lose it and shift on you. Wolf dicks don’t go down well for you humans.”

She could not guess what he meant. Claire only knew that despite everything, she was burning hot. The young man who seemed to waiver between wolf and human was drawing in close to her pussy and she could feel herself slicken in anticipation.

Claire’s nipples sprung up, hardened, while she arched backward enjoying the sensation of the wolf’s furred legs rubbing against the interior of her thighs.

His face grew longer as he loomed over her body. Claire felt a spark of fear before excitement brushed it away. She tilted her head, trying to get a better look of her ravisher and that was when she saw it….

Episode 1, Seduced by the Angel, is available here: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance Ebooks

Episode 2, Taken by the Vampire, is available here: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance Ebooks

Episode 3, Claimed by the Wolf, is here: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance Ebooks

And the thrilling conclusion,
Episode 4, Redeemed by the Conqueror, is now available: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and All Romance Ebooks

The entire series will soon be available on the iBookstore.

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Aimélie Aames is an author working and writing from the south of France.
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