Divine Fornication, Parts 2 and 3–Taken by the Vampire/Claimed by the Wolf missing at iBooks

August 2, 2012

Well folks, it’s been confirmed that some of my work is considered too hot for the iBookstore. My distributor has confirmed that iBooks has pulled both books as being “too explicit”…what exactly their standards are, or whatever criteria they use to determine this remains unclear.

Strangely, those books were approved by iBooks staff prior to being listed for sale, yet once they hit the store and immediately soared to the top of the Paranormal Romance charts, they mysteriously disappeared.

In any case, I will not change the content. Those books contain monsters doing monstrous things, but among their ranks are individuals of singular nobility. Their actions stand in stark contrast to their fellows and are part of what I think elicits a strong emotional connection between the reader and the characters.

The books are otherwise available at all other major vendors and are doing well at finding their audience. So be it, I say.

And, as a hint of things to come, we have not seen the last of the urban wolves, as well as a few other characters from the Divine Fornication series. Villains and heroes alike, we will learn much more about them very soon.


Dear readers,

I’ve just been made aware that the second and third part of the Divine Fornication series, Taken by the Vampire and Claimed by the Wolf, have gone missing from the iBooks store. I will be contacting my distributor to see if the situation can be remedied as soon as possible. (It might be that Apple have decided that the story is too sexy, or maybe even too violent…all while all other major vendors have no problem with the work.)

In any case, please be assured that they can be purchased elsewhere, and in iDevice compatible format–ePub. (Also, I do not use DRM as an option with any of my ebooks. I feel that the reader should have the right to format the work to whatever is necessary for them, once they have made a purchase.)

You can find them in epub format at AllRomance Ebooks and also at Smashwords .

If you have any problems with loading the story into your device, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to help.

ETA–July 31, 2012. And now Part 2, Taken by the Vampire has disappeared as well. I will look in to this, but for now, it can be found with the links given for Part 3 above.

About Aimelie Aames

Aimélie Aames is an author working and writing from the south of France.
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