The Thrilling Final Episode of Her Billionaire, Her Wolf–These Cunning Bones is Now Available!

These Cunning Bones

The Final Episode of Her Billionaire, Her Wolf:

These Cunning Bones (A Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance)

Sara smiled at him, then, despite her happiness, she shuddered.

After coming to her in the barn, someone had gathered up the remnants of her clothes, while Braze covered her in a trench coat. She had kept it, belting it tightly around her, but the cool air of the evening had found its way within. Sara shivered again.

Amber eyes narrowed as he saw her shaking.

“I know what you need.”

Braze led her back down into the apartment below, then drew her after him to the marvelous bathroom.

Steam billowed as he turned on every jet in the italian style shower. But, he found her through the quickly growing fog and his hands undid the belt at Sara’s waist.

She leaned against him, wishing that she were stronger, that she could manage on her own. Knowing that she could not.

You are what I need,” she whispered against his neck.

Then the coat fell to the floor and he gently nudged her into the shower.

Sara stood there a very long time, letting the water do its work. And when she came out at last, her skin and hair were clean, while stains of another kind remained.

Please forgive, me.

She went to him in the bedroom. Sara climbed across a mattress that seemed to go on for miles until, at last, she snuggled in close to the man lying there, waiting for her and her alone.

“You must be exhausted,” he murmured, then kissed her forehead.

“I am…I mean, I was. But the shower helped a lot. You helped a lot,” she said.

She nuzzled in closer to him then brought her hand to his thigh and slid it along until she held him. His member began to grow heavier under her touch.

“Are you certain, Sara?” he asked, with a mouth that shifted between a half smile and a frown for concern of her.

“I am,” she replied, then letting go of him, she turned until she rested upon his chest and looked deeply into his eyes.

“Do you remember when you told me that you would make me regret you and that it wouldn’t be for just once?”

“Yes, of course,” he said.

“Well, you’re not the only one. Ok?”

She hesitated, searching for her words.

“I would like you to punish me…Master. I know I will disappoint you. I won’t have any choice.”

She lowered her tone and continued, “And for that, I deserve to be punished.”

His smile was gone. Braze only looked at Sara, his eyes unblinking, before saying at last, “What are you trying to tell me, Sara? Are you hurt? Did something happen that you have not told me?”

“No,” she said, looking away from him, desperate to hold back the sadness that threatened to overwhelm her…a sadness for what might very well overwhelm them both.
“No, nothing like that. I just…I just need it.”

She brought her eyes back to him and there he saw twin tracks of tears upon her cheeks as she said, “Please.”

Again, he was silent for a time. Then he said, “I understand…little slave.”

Sara sighed when she heard those words. Little slave.

Oh, God help me.

With efficient, self assured movements, Braze wasted no time in tying Sara facedown and spreadeagled across the bed.

Only instead of a coarse farm rope, he used soft velvet clad cords and his touch was tender as he brought them around her wrists.

He cinched them down firmly, but not so far as to chafe against where that other rope had left its mark.

Then he was on his knees between her legs and she felt him bend down to place a hand on each side of her back. His mouth traced along her spine until he came to where the hunting knife had cut her.

Gently, ever so gently, he kissed her there and Sara felt herself growing moister with each of his movements.

This magnificent man, capable of terrible, beastly violence, had come to worship at her temple. The thought of it, that he did it for her, that he would punish her for crimes she had yet to commit, only made her juices flow more quickly.

He brought his hands to her hips then pulled upward. With almost no effort, he lifted her haunches into the air, then set her back down upon bent knees, her bottom up and fully available.

“Punishment is the request,” he said, his tone turning ever deeper, “And so punishment shall be dealt out.”

His hand struck her without warning.

The entire bed rocked with it and Sara felt the delicious sting rip across her buttocks. Her flesh vibrated under his touch demanding that he do it again.

And, he did.

Sara moaned as he struck her bottom, his open hand landing what felt like everywhere at once. He paddled her for all her wrongdoing and for all of what would come.

It was what she wanted. It was what she desired.

Sara sought absolution at the hands of her master and he did not disappoint….

Part 4 of Her Billionaire, Her Wolf:
In the end, there is only darkness. And in that darkness, a lone man stands while evil attempts to destroy the tenuous bonds between him and his long estranged brother.

Between them both, a woman hangs in the balance, a pawn played by more than one side in a deadly game that could cost them all their lives.

That man holds a hallowed blade against the monsters who assail them…and in the end, nothing is less certain than his triumph against the creatures of shadow.

And when evil forces tear away all facade and charade, what remains are a man and a woman, all secrets unveiled.

Their savage passion, their animal desire, is the strength that drives them both.

But can they survive their own betrayals? Can they rise above guilt and blame to save one another?

Find out in this, the shocking conclusion to the series, Her Billionaire, Her Wolf.

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Aimélie Aames is an author working and writing from the south of France.
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  1. I just saw on Smashwords the whole series is in one book! I’m so excited 🙂 I’ve been waiting until it was complete after reading the first because I knew I didn’t want to wait after each book lol Thanks for being such a gifted writer. I’m excited to finally see what happens to these two.

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