New Collection, New Paperbacks and New Cover Art

The time has come to publish a second collection of the Marechal Chronicles, this time of the last three volumes.  It’s a big book but also chock full of thrilling adventure, danger and a conclusion worth the wait.

The Marechal Chronicles - Volumes IV, V and VINew Version Volumes I, II and III web version.jpg


After The Marechal Chronicles: Volumes I, II and III this is a collection of the remaining three volumes — The Chase, The Tower of the Alchemist, and The Crucible.

A dark fantasy filled with tragedy, emotion, and opposing supernatural forces, this is a tale that never loses sight of its characters’ own humanity and their struggle to triumph in spite of inhuman powers and events:

Melisse and the Marechal have survived a demonic battle only to discover that their paths must carry them apart before fate brings them together again.

Alone, the Marechal plunges into darkness among thieves and criminals, his quest become a deadly threat all its own. He risks both honor and identity in a final gambit to end his centuries’ long hunt.

Melisse learns of yet another murder at House Perene, but the lure of the broken tower of the Alchemist draws her onward. There she discovers the tragic past of the Marechal and is forced into a bitter promise she fears to keep.

Separately, then together, both hero and heroine will at long last confront their common destiny — a diabolical horror that will stop at nothing to destroy them both.


Now available at Amazon.


And for those of you who love the feel of a book in your hands with real pages you can turn, you will pleased to know that it is also available in paperback format:

You can find it at Amazon.




Next up, the other volumes of the Marechal Chronicles that were previously missing paperback versions now have those, too–also available at Amazon, here and here.





And finally, the time had also come to revamp the cover of the first collection of the Marechal Chronicles:


I will close here and just say that the way forward is now clear to me and the work has begun.

The Marechal Chronicles may have reached their conclusion with Volume VI, however the story of the Marechal and Melisse is far from over.

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Aimélie Aames is an author working and writing from the south of France.
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