I live in a land where giants have walked. Here, water springs cold and sweet from rocks cloven by legends in their passing.

Stone edifices mark the countryside, risen hundreds of years ago. Devils stalk the foothills and comely maids with webbed feet lie in wait along rough mountain passages.

France is my home and imbues all that I write…come with me, for a short while, and we shall venture among the dark, twisted paths together.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always interested in what my readers like and don’t like in my stories…your feedback is invaluable and appreciated.


4 Responses to About

  1. Jessica says:

    I bought your divine fornication book taken by an angel and it was WONDERFUL, where can I find the 2nd one, taken by a vampire??

  2. coloronpro says:

    Aimelie, I’ve now read everything available by you that I could purchase on Amazon. I have searched for a writer who could combine real talent with the ability to also write beautiful erotica in the “paranormal” realm, and you have satisfied me intellectually, imaginatively and sensually. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into your craft. Two questions: Do you write in French or English? And second, have you ever the need for a copy editor/proofreader? I am a writer/editor by trade and would love to volunteer to help another woman reach for technical perfection. Regardless, i await your next book anxiously! Bon soir…

    • All I can say is that there are few ways I can think of that would be better than receiving such a lovely comment to start my Sunday. (Unless it would be breakfast in bed, naturally!)

      Thank you.

      At times writing can be a rather solitary endeavor and words like yours are worth their weight in gold.

      To answer at least one of your questions, I write in English. My cat has promised to watch over my inadvertent phrasing that is too “French” in nature, but I suspect her attention wanders at times.

      What can one do? Cats are subtle creatures at best and likely can’t help it if rigorous copy editing escapes them now and again.

      Again, I am grateful for your kind sentiments and hope I won’t disappoint in future written work.


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