New Adventures for Anna Ixstassou, a Reluctant Witch in the Land of BDSM

Shame and Delight at His Hands now available at All Romance Ebooks; Bookstrand ; Smashwords ; and, of course Amazon

Masked and Squirting Mayhem, the newest of Anna’s adventures, can be found at All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand, Smashwords, and Amazon

A short (but hot!) excerpt from Shame and Delight

His face was all concern at the eyes, while his mouth was fixed in a half smile. A hungry smile.

I didn’t miss the fact that his pants bulged as he took my arm and led me across the room.

“Here,” he said, “There’s a shower back here where you can get cleaned up.”

His office was divided around a corner and as we stepped around it, I could see that it was almost an apartment of its own. There were couches and deep leather chairs, and just beyond, a marble bath and toilet.

He went with me to the italian shower, reaching past me to turn on a fine, hot misting spray. I stood there, listlessly, before plucking at my shirt buttons with almost no strength.

He took my hands in his. Large, muscular hands that enveloped mine in warmth and bronzed tenderness. He pushed them down at my sides and then proceeded to undo my shirt, then my pants, with care.

He unclipped his wires. He unstrapped the vibrator. He lifted the soaked tape in gentle, easy motions that hurt only a little. He lifted the flat battery pack away from the small of my back, unbuckling the strap encircling my waist. His every move calm and reassuring.

He nudged me, now naked and shivering before him, into the warm jets of the shower. The water fell in fine beads that drifted over my curves and washed away some of the humiliation that clung to me like smoke.

I was turned away from him, letting the water course down my face, when I felt those strong hands upon my shoulders. He rubbed at them, pressing his thumbs in firmly, pushing at the exhaustion that was weighing them down.

His bare chest brushed against me and low upon my back, I felt his member, hot and standing rigid, touch my skin.

I shivered as an echo of electricity rippled through me like a ghost. My thighs parted without my wishing it, even as I tipped my head back and let him cradle my neck in his hands.

His chest was firm against me then and as he moved his arms to encircle me, I could feel his muscles ripple and move. His hands found my breasts and when he lightly brushed my nipples with his fingers, there was an ache of pain and pleasure that made me cry out….

And, just for the fun of it, here’s an excerpt from Masked and Squirting Mayhem:

The doctor comes around and peers between my legs, then at a nudge from his elbow, the nurse picks up an instrument from one of the metallic tray tables. He clicks a button and then I can see that it’s a sort of flashlight with a fiber optic rod extending from one end. The doctor bends down and suddenly I feel cool glass sliding inside my vagina. It’s too thin to fill me the way I want right now, but the sensation of it slipping inside me is enough to make me gasp. Incredibly, I can see that the skin of my pelvis is glowing a deep pink as the light diffuses through my flesh.

The doctor motions for something else and the nurse is quick in handing him yet another instrument. It’s thicker than the flashlight and has a sort of flattened metal wand extending out in a curve with the handle at ninety degrees. The doctor bends down again and I can hear him humming under his breath. I’m almost convinced that I’m hearing Ewan Crest’s voice.

There is the sensation of cold stainless steel slipping into me, alongside the fiber optic light, and this time it goes in deep. I hear a buzzing noise and look up to see the two men staring at me over their surgical masks. The nurse is holding a shining silver vibrator in his hands and he slowly presses it down against my clit.

The pleasure of this buzzing bee melts me instantly and the honey flows thick as I rock against it. My hips push up against the vibrator and I can feel the heavy steel tool that has invaded me below pushing and turning as the doctor repositions it while I rock back and forth on the surgical bed.

The doctor takes the vibrator from the nurse and begins to work on me in deep, delicious circles. I know I’ve become slick with excitement and the steel head of the vibrator slips and slides across the erect nub of my clit in a wonderful rhythm that alternates between sharp pain and luscious pleasure.

The nurse comes up along my bedside and in his hands he has yet another stainless steel surgical tool. In some ways, it looks like a staple gun, and he has a cotton swab in his other hand.

The astringent odor of rubbing alcohol is in the air and he wipes down my nipples with the swab. It’s very cold followed by a stinging heat as the alcohol evaporates.

He says, “Now this won’t hurt a bit….

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The response so far to the new series’ first volume has been great and I think with the current promotion at Amazon, I can only expect that it continue.

For those coming here after reading A Reluctant Witch, I would like to assure you that there will be another story concerning Anna Ixstassou and her adventures published very soon. The New Year’s weekend has started early here, so, unfortunately, it will be difficult to accomplish much over the next couple of days.

That said, the second Anna Ixstassou story should be out at Amazon by this coming Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. The title is tentatively–Shame and Delight at His Hands.

At the moment, there is a third witch story previewed for the following week, and then I’ll be getting back to the Marechal and Melisse with a publishing date expected before the end of January.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in my stories. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Amélie Aames

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New Series First Release–Anna Ixstassou, A Reluctant Witch in the Land of BDSM

Racked and Ravished Threeway

Available exclusively at Amazon.

Anna Ixstassou is looking for the fast track to the top. Unfortunately, she found what she was looking for and is back for another session at the hands of her boss, Ewan Crest.

The ensuing story is hot and sticky as Anna is inducted into the strange world of BDSM. She loves what she finds there…maybe, too much, in fact.

A witch who just wants to be like everyone else, Anna exalts in the desire and lust that Ewan awakens within her, only hoping that she will not be forced to call upon black magic to save her before the point of no return.

An excerpt from Racked and Ravished Threeway, just to whet your appetites:

…..My skirt was next, but I hesitated to unsnap the garter belt I’d put on that morning on a whim.
His breathing had taken on a somewhat faster rhythm and as I reached down to the clips of the garter belt, his strong hands stopped me.

“No…that…is a nice touch. Well done, in fact.”

I smiled, thinking that I’d won a small victory. Then, without warning, he released my hand and with the strength of his arm, he struck my ass openhanded with a loud crack.

I nearly screamed, more with the shock and surprise of it. Although at this point, anything Ewan Crest did should no longer come as a surprise. My cheeks stung and the pain rose even as I could feel the juices within my folds begin to ooze in earnest.

It’s not easy to explain, this link between pleasure and pain. I hadn’t known of it just a few days ago, but now I had grown to expect to feel the two in the same moment, at the hands of my master.

I made no move to remove my heels and Ewan gave no reason for why he struck me. I didn’t expect that he would. He does things on instinct, I believe. The spontaneity as much a turn on for him as his wild plans for me.

“Ok…now come with me. I want to show you something.”

He pulled me by the arm, his thumb digging deeply into my forearm. I went with him, as willing as a rag doll.

We went into the separate part of his office, the part that made it more living quarters, or a suite, even. Adjoining the next room was a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, all done in heavily veined marble.

But in the middle of the piece, there was something that caught my eye and would not let go. Two small trapezes suspended in a frame of chromed tubing. There were a pair of stirrups with buckles and something else that looked suspiciously like a collar.

He felt me draw up short as I looked the thing over. I think I probably shivered, although I can’t say for certain anymore, so much of what followed has become a blur in my mind’s eye.

“I had this made in Bangladesh. Special ordered, according to my specs,” he said, the pride evident in his voice.

I remained where I was, frozen, and hoping that whatever was about to happen wouldn’t go on for too long….

Warning: Please be advised that this story of 5,250 words contains graphic sexual scenes that are described in an explicit manner. It is intended uniquely for those person of 18 years of age and older. By downloading and opening this document, you are stating that you are of legal age to access and view this work of fiction. All characters involved in sexual situations in this story are intended to be 18 years of age or older, whether specifically described as such or not.

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Available Today! Volume 2, The Hunter, in The Marechal Chronicles

Find it at Smashwords or at Amazon now.

The Chronicles continue in this second novelette of 11,000 words.

The sun rises upon the blood soaked House Perene.

Evil has struck without and within and only the Marechal de Barristide can untangle the threads of fate that wind about him in a web of intrigue and passion.

His way is branded into the very ground before him, but the Marechal must turn his course in order to seek aid from a dreaded soul. Beings from a realm other than earth shall seek his alliance while his quarry, the servant woman, Melisse, has disappeared, leaving only ash and dust behind her. But before taking up her trail once more, the Marechal must submit to another’s infernal desires and pay far more than he bargained for.

Here continues The Marechal Chronicles, an erotic tale of desire and merciless destruction as the players assemble themselves to pirouette in an intricate clockwork of unflinching sexuality and supernatural forces.

Warning: Please be advised that this story contains graphic sexual scenes that are described in an explicit manner. It is intended uniquely for those person of 18 years of age and older.

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The First Volume of The Marechal Chronicles is now available!

Get it at Smashwords or at Amazon now.

This novelette of 11,000 words is an erotic, fantasy adventure. It is a romantic tale of magic, emotion, and human motivation that does not turn a blind eye to the frank sexuality of its characters. Within these pages live witches, shapechangers, demons, and immortal beings. Turn the page and let them unveil their dark story in an ambiance of medieval France. If you dare.

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If you’ve found me, then you’re probably looking for more about The Marechal Chronicles.

I’ve put up this blog for just that reason.  This is the place where readers can stop in and get their email addresses on file in order to receive updates, promotional codes, and information on new releases.

So please, don’t be shy,  your email address will be used uniquely to keep you informed on the continuing erotic adventures of the Marechal.

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